True life stories of families just like yours that have been transformed thru natural healing methods…


Shawna has been nothing short of an Earth Angel to our family over the past two and a half years that we have been working with her to help our daughter through her biomedical matters. I was referred to Shawna through a mom I got to know in one of my conscious parenting forums, who lived in Australia! From the moment I connected to Shawna, I knew we were in the best care. The depth of her knowledge, insights, experience, and heart for the work she was brought here to help navigate families through is unmatched by any practitioner I’ve met to date. There hasn’t been a topic or challenge that Shawna hasn’t been able to offer guidance, protocols, suggestions, and understanding and she is on the front lines alongside each family in making sure their kiddos (and themselves as needed) are getting better and feeling healthy in every possible way she knows. We have seen tremendous advances in our daughter’s biomedical journey under Shawna’s care and she is my personal “rock” as a momma, who is so compassionate, loving, and supportive when I’ve just needed to cry it out. If you have tried “everything” or gone to “every doctor” but you are still struggling for answers, solutions and to be seen, heard, and understood, Shawna, is where you will finally find relief, resolve, and reassurance and she will become your personal Earth Angel too!

Sandra F., Mesa AZ

Here’s my synopsis. He was in pain daily and could not sleep all night for months. The pain would be in his shoulder one second and then his leg the next. It was everywhere and unpredictable. Many nights I would wake up in the middle of the night and find Michael running around the house. When I asked him what in the world he was doing he would say, “Mom, when I run it’s the only thing that helps with the pain.”

I took him to many doctors and even a neurologist and they could find no cause for his pain. They put Michael on pain meds that barely helped. Tylenol, Motrin, and Gabapentin didn’t touch it. I could see Michael’s pain getting worse every week. Several times a day he would tell me he wanted to die. He was extremely fatigued, rages were getting worse (if that was even possible), digestive issues and he was cognitively out of it. (Imagine trying to help him clean up diarrhea on himself and dealing with rage at the same time.) At 12 years old I knew I had no other option but to get to the bottom of this asap. We needed answers!

Michael had also been in vision therapy and physical therapy for over a year. We saw great improvement with therapy but that all came to a screeching halt once this crazy pain started. We were simply running out of time. He even had hallucinations and could hear screaming in his head at times. This was scary!

Going from one specialist to another was not the answer. Michael’s issues encompassed every function of his body. I could not find a doctor that could investigate every symptom that plagued so many different areas of his body. I needed someone that could see how obvious it was that something inside his body was disrupting his brain, eyes, and everything down to his digestive system. Shawna was the first person that offered me answers to what could be going on with Michael after only one phone call. Finally, someone was listening and didn’t just brush us off as crazy.

Having the answers from medical tests was a huge relief. We ruled out many things and knew the last possible thing left plaguing Michael was Lyme. We starting Treating Michael for Lyme and I could immediately see him becoming more cognitively “with it” after a few days. It took several months but finally, the pain subsided and he now sleeps peacefully at night.

I think it’s important to note that for the longest time doctors could not find an answer and I pretty much had no one believing Michaels’s symptoms were as bad as I was saying. Unfortunately, almost all of his symptoms occurred at night. During the day he came across as mean and crabby to people so it was hard for people to sympathize with someone who was truly hard to deal with.

This has not been easy to treat but I don’t regret a day of holding out hope and waiting for him to get better. What a relief for Michael and everyone in our whole household. He also has a lot more energy and can keep up with his friends. The rages are rare now. His quality of life has improved immensely.

If I hadn’t lived through this with Michael, seen these crazy symptoms, and watched the die-off results with my own eyes I would have a hard time believing this could truly happen to a child. I can’t imagine where Michael and our whole family would be now without Shawna’s wisdom to help us through this.

Tonya F. MI

Our family has been working with Shawna for about 9 months. She has been incredible to work with. Each time I talk with her on consultation, I learn more and more as she takes the time not only to listen to every last detail, but she takes the time to explain what is going on and how we can handle it. Although different testing is always an option with Shawna and certainly may accelerate the healing time because it pinpoints specific issues, she is also very capable of playing detective and putting every last piece together to begin the healing process without testing. She takes the time to look at the whole person. I feel 100% confident with her guiding us on the path to full health.

Kathy S.

Shawna Pulver is the ONLY person to whom I will send my clients who are dealing with biochemical imbalances, allergies, gut health issues that are factors in diagnoses such as Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and other childhood and adult disorders. Shawna is like a medical detective who has helped countless children and adults achieve their highest levels of health. She is the BEST! ”

Bette L. WA

It is an honor for me to write this letter of recommendation for Shawna Pulver, FDN-P. I am the mother of four children, ages 11-18. I have known Shawna since my second daughter was crawling 16 years ago and in a variety of capacities. Her kindness and compassion have nurtured me into being a better mother and her friendship was instrumental during the most difficult time in my life as I began caring for a child with a disability. Shawna’s knowledge of functional medicine has aided me personally in recovering me and my family’s health.

As a successful practitioner, Shawna embodies all the characteristics that are necessary to be sustainable: efficient, organized, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. However, what really sets her apart is her conscientiousness, and this allows her to discover productive solutions that are not obvious.

Shawna is an individual who is not impressionable; she has shown herself to be someone who does the research and is an independent thinker who is able to disaggregate the vast data available. Shawna is a gifted communicator and effectively disseminate information. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, and this allows her to connect and be an inspiration to them.

I highly recommend Shawna Pulver, FDN-P.

Marisa M. CA

Shawna Pulver has been a literal Godsend to our family. In 2015, when seeking help for our daughter’s chronic canker sores, we went to a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist in the Twin Cities. This doctor pursued an endoscopy to take a look inside of our daughter, Mary. There was visible damage to her upper intestines. This doctor wanted her to have further testing of a colonoscopy and MRI. Instead of pursuing this, my husband and I decided to take a different route of trying to work naturally to heal her gut. We started with one place and then were recommended to contact Shawna Pulver. We are so grateful to have been given this referral and have never looked back. She is incredibly brilliant, putting the whole puzzle together, not just certain pieces. After two years, our daughter’s canker sores were greatly improved, but not gone. My father, who was sponsoring Mary’s health care costs, encouraged us to just go to Mayo Clinic and see if they had any ideas. We figured we had nothing to lose, so we went. The GI Mayo Clinic doctor decided to do another endoscopy, along with a colonoscopy at the same time. After he completed the procedure, he counseled with us. He was amazed at what he saw. “I was surprised at how good she looks on the inside,” he said with an almost dumbfounded look. He then showed us the pictures of her upper intestine. It was completely healed, pink and healthy. We put that picture side by side with the picture from three years ago and smiled from ear to ear. As our daughter groggily started coming out from the anesthetic, I excitedly told her that her upper intestine was completely healed, she smiled and said “Shawna. Shawna.” Then she rolled over and fell back asleep. In those two years, through all of Shawna’s work with Mary, she had healed her upper intestines and this was just one of many things that have completely healed or improved not only with Mary but with all members of my family. We will be forever grateful.

Working with Shawna has been a Godsend. Prior to working with Shawna, we had worked with a handful of doctors trying to help our daughter. We never got very far with any of them and consequently our daughter never got better. We are so thankful for all of her wisdom and knowledge in helping our daughter reach her full potential. For this we are eternally grateful.

Karen in Ohio

I think of Shawna as a detective.  She sees every minuscule detail as a clue to figuring out your child’s complex journey back to health.  Nothing is irrelevant, everything matters, everything is a piece of evidence to be understood and utilized.  Children with autism have such complex issues, so intertwined and difficult to unravel, but Shawna understands all of the strands that need to be unraveled and can show you the way ahead.  Often, regarding my son, I would describe a behavior or a problem and Shawna would tell me what she thought the cause of that to be, and not once was she wrong.  She would suggest something, we would test for it, and she would be proven correct.  After a while, I would just listen to what she had said, and not even test.   Shawna is able to not only understand, but also correlate, all of the very diverse and disparate aspects of the biomedical world and pull them all together into a very specific and clear path.  She also knows and understands the genome better than any of the (very expensive) autism doctors we have been to. When we first started working with Shawna, the first thing she asked for was information on my son’s genome, this was her starting point, and once she saw his many gene mutations, she was able to explain to me why all of the biomedical intervention we had tried before had not worked for us.  So, with Shawna’s understanding of both the genome and the biomedical interventions needed to correct the specific mutations of my child – for the first time I felt like I had the key to his full recovery.  We are still very much on the journey but finally all of the pieces have fallen into place and are making complete sense.  I know of no one else like Shawna – her level of care, love, involvement, knowledge, understanding and compassion is awe inspiring.  I plan to work with Shawna until the day by son is fully recovered, and with her knowledge, that may not take that long.  If you ever find yourself in a position to work with Shawna, do not hesitate for even a second.  She is the miracle you have been searching for. 

Sarah S., Los Angeles, CA

Shawna has truly been a gift from God to our family.  She has given our daughter and son-in-law hope for their little girl when conventional paths only led to despair and seeing progress has only increased our confidence level in Shawna’s ability to care for those she’s been entrusted with.  On a personal note, Shawna has helped me with a chronic issue that doctors wanted to treat with medication but after following Shawna’s recommendation to make a few diet adjustments the problem is almost totally non-existent.  Our family is indebted to this precious woman and the way she uses her God-given giftedness to benefit those in need. 

Annette M

Our family has been working with Shawna for about 9 months.  She has been incredible to work with.  Each time I talk with her on a consultation, I learn more and more as she takes the time not only to listen to every last detail, but she takes the time to explain what is going on and how we can handle it.  Although different testing is always an option with Shawna and certainly may accelerate the healing time because it pinpoints specific issues, but she is also very capable of playing detective and putting every last piece together to begin the healing process without testing.  She takes the time to look at the whole person.  I feel 100% confident with her guiding us on the path to full health.

Kathy S.

I have 14 year old twins with the diagnosis of autism and we have been working with Shawna for the past seven months. I have to say that Shawna has been a Godsend for my children and our family.  Through her thorough history taking and knowledge of various diagnostic tests  she helped us discover that my both my kids are sensitive to histamines and oxalates.  Within two days of adjusting their diet I noticed a reduction in their behaviors.  I wouldn’t have found these sensitivities in a million years and our pediatrician didn’t either, in fact my pediatrician received a copy of all the labs that I sent to Shawna and she didn’t even go over the test results with me and didn’t pick up on the sensitivities.  

Shawna has also been able to hone in on specific supplements for my kids based on actual laboratory results.  It is so nice to finally know which supplements will work for my kids and which ones won’t because it saves me money in the long run and it also reduces behavioral reactions in my children.  In the past I would get on various groups where one Mom would mention miracle results with a certain supplement and then I would try it on my own kids only to have wasted my money and either not seen any results or have them tank on me, with Shawna I finally know I have my kids on the proper supplements and as a result I am seeing improvement in their behavior.  

What  also makes working with Shawna such an amazing experience is that she is a very kind and compassionate person who sincerely wants to help all of her clients. She takes to the time to thoroughly review you or your loved ones history before meeting with you and she will also review any lab tests that you provide her and walk you through the results step by step so you have a better understanding of you or your family member’s health.  

I sincerely feel blessed that I have Shawna as our family’s FDN-P and I look forward to each and everyone of our appointments because she is such a joy to work with and with each visit I gain more knowledge on how to help my family. 

Renee Englund

We have been working with Shawna for about a year now…the amount of information and insights into some of our children’s struggles has been absolutely incredible.  It is so nice to have someone who is willing (and able!) to look at the entire picture of our kids, including their genetics.  We have spent so much time and money going to various specialists over the years, but no one ever looks outside of their own personal specialty, despite what other information I might have to share. Shawna is so different in that regard…she knows everything impacts everything else, and looks at the child thru that lense.  Working with Shawna has given us the first ray of hope we have had in a looonnggg time, that we will be able to help my kiddos heal! 

Laura M.

Shawna, to summarize how wonderfully things have been going: After completing his supplement regimen, Chris got onto his computer to play a game and noticed immediate changes. He said, “Mom, come here and look how quick my reaction time is! I’m like a God, Mom!”
Me-“I’m pretty sure you’re not a God but I’m glad you’re obviously feeling better.”
“Everyone’s online telling me they think I’m cheating because my reaction time is like a pro-gamer!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!